Spoon panorama project

How to make a one-shot panorama.

Step 1
Get a "Ladle" (a soup serving spoon) which is reflective on the convex part.

Step 2
Bend the handle backwards a full 180 degrees.

Step 3
Set up a camera which points up vertically.

Step 4
Hold or suspend the spoon above the camera so that the camera's center of view points directly to the middle part of the convex part of the spoon.

Step 5
Take a picture.

Step 6
Write some software to translate the projection to a panoramic image.


The software was then further developed to support real-time panoramic conversion from web cam, streaming the feed to a panorama viewer Java applet, allowing the user to navigate with the mouse and look around 360°, giving the impression that they are moving a camera around. A bizarre result!